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Your Business is the best investment you'll ever make in yourself

Plan, Launch, Grow

Answers to all of your questions, from “How do I know that I have a good idea?” to “How much money do I need to launch a business?” to “How do I grow my business?”

Roadmap + Community = Success

Your small business secret weapon: our tried-and-true combination of an actionable business roadmap and a savvy community of fellow go-getters.


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Detailed and jargon-free Business Roadmaps + a Community of Entrepreneurs and Experts = StartItUp's Path to Success

Journey Mao

A Community of Go-Getters

With StartItUp, you never have to go at it alone. Join a community of people just like you, who will hold you accountable to reaching your goals.

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StartItUp runs on community. No matter your product, service, or business stage, there's always a like-minded group of entrepreneurs and an experienced advisor ready to connect with you - keeping you motivated and giving you a platform to ask questions, share challenges, and learn from your peers.


Participate in real-world practical ways to build your business, such as Ideating and Designing Your Story, Business Funding Basics, or setting up your Facebook page to find customers.


The hustle never ends, so neither should your support circle. Whether you've got an urgent question or want to post a celebratory update - the StartItUp app lets you post, share, comment, learn, and connect directly with other members.


Life happens; sometimes we all need a little reminder to stay on track. StartItUp provides customized, friendly nudges to help you maintain your momentum and realize your business goals, one step at a time.

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