We believe in small business

We believe in the
power of “What if...?”

The first step in building the future you want to live in is to imagine what it could look like. At StartItUp, we don’t call that daydreaming—we call it strategic vision.

We believe in the
passion and persistence.

Creating a small business takes heart, a willingness to learn, and the courage to risk failing. When starting out, it’s hard to know what needs to be tackled first and what can wait. StartItUp’s Roadmaps are designed to focus you on the goal: getting to revenue.

We believe in the

Starting a business can be a lonely endeavor. Sometimes you need a helping hand— whether it’s to offer advice or to remind you how much you’ve accomplished. StartItUp‘s community of entrepreneurs, advisors, and business specialists is here to help you on your journey.

We believe in the
even playing field.

Where good ideas, grit, and determination matter more than formal education. StartItUp’s app connects you with the resources, people and expertise you need to succeed. We’re taking Silicon Valley’s playbook for tech companies and adapting it for small businesses with accessible Roadmaps and a community of support.

We believe in the
small business.

Small businesses and their owners change the world around them, creating 80% of jobs and turning neighborhoods into thriving communities. They bring us the things we need in our daily lives (and the things we didn’t know we needed) in shops and experiences where we want to spend our time. Small businesses are integral to society; they become our loyal friends and our treasured neighbors.

We're here to help.

It’s time to turn your passion into profit.

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"I believe each entrepreneur is unique, all with different desires and experiences, all molded by the people who have mentored and guided them, all learning from their own failures as much as successes..."

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