A Letter From Our Founder

Entrepreneurs aren’t born. From their own persistence and grit, they develop.

I know this because I’ve had the privilege of starting seven separate companies and investing in three times as many. Many have failed.

From selling Christmas wreaths to launching a car detailing business in my teens, I was drawn to creating a business myself, despite the risk of losing my investment. My post-college job was safe, at one of the largest media companies, but I found myself taking another risk and leaving, to join a growing start-up. Perhaps I learned it from my father, who also left his corporate job for a start-up.

I believe each entrepreneur is unique, all with different desires and experiences, all molded by the people who have mentored and guided them, all learning from their own failures as much as successes. No two entrepreneurs are the same, so no two businesses will be either. There are unlimited niches for anyone to create a highly successful start-up - it’s up to you to find them.

My absolute belief is that anyone, given the right guidance and toolset, along with the necessary grit and determination, can and will succeed as an entrepreneur. That is why I am particularly proud of our work with StartItUp; it is important to me that all people, no matter what socio-economic status, no matter what race or creed, no matter what level of education, should have access to the same resources and support I had throughout my journey as an entrepreneur. It is our vision to see all people thrive and succeed through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

- Brad King