What is Start it Up?

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StartItUp is the piece you are missing on your journey to starting your own successful business.

Welcome to StartItUp. We are so glad that you are here. You have made your way to our website because you need help starting your business. We can help. The team at StartItUp has put in thousands of hours of research (with the best and brightest minds at Stanford among others) and developed a simple roadmap to help you start your business. Whether you are starting an online clothing store, a restaurant, food truck, candle shop, or are still in the process of planning your business idea, you have come to the right place. Here at StartItUp we have put together an online community full of other entrepreneurs and small business owners. We are all in this together. StartItUp can provide you with Roadmaps, support, ideas, community, resources, workshops and more.

First, the important things you need to know…... 

  1. The StartItUp app. If you haven’t downloaded our app, you can head over to the app store and download it now. The app is the easiest place to connect with your peers, ask questions and access our Roadmaps.
  2. The Roadmaps. We know that starting a business usually creates more questions than answers. Time is your worst enemy and we know that research takes time, so we did the research for you. Within the app you will find 3 distinct Roadmaps: How to start a catch-all business; How to start an online retail business; and How to start an online service business; (stay tuned as more and more Roadmaps are coming online). These Roadmaps lay out a step by step outline that will guide you through the process of getting your business off the ground or growing your business.
  3. The StartItUp Community. Now that you have downloaded the app, it’s time to meet your peers. Head on over to the Introduce Yourself page and post an introduction and let us know what your business is. Answer a few short questions to get matched with a Zoom Group of people with similar businesses and at similar stages. The community of other entrepreneurs aren’t your competition, they are your support. By joining this community you have just opened the door to a whole group of people that can help answer your questions and get you going. Chances are if you have a question, someone in the StartItUp community, or an Advisor can answer it. 
  4. Your Personal Advisor. We have put together a team of the brightest and most successful entrepreneurs  and made them available for you. Whether it is writing a business plan, designing a logo, setting up your LLC, marketing, or designing your website, there is a professional on that topic that can guide you through each step, whether through topic-specific Workshops or your Zoom Group. Ask questions, get ideas, be connected and then Plan, Launch, Grow
  5. Plan Launch Grow. That is what we do here at StartItUp. Our team is going to help you each step on your journey to growing your business. We are all here for the same objective. TO MAKE MONEY

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